Care Services

Here at Central Union Church we pride ourselves in being able to provide complete care.

Our care encompasses providing counsel to those going through emotional or physical pain. This year our Congretional Care Ministry will use their own program to administer support services. Please contact our Director of Congregational Care, Alice Taum for more information on Care.

Prayer Request
Our prayer request forms can be found within our pews. These can be completed for those that would like to quietly send a prayer.

Visitation Services

Members of our pastoral care team are available for visitations upon request, or as soon as we are informed of a hospitalization, a relocation to a rehab facility, or of anyone who is homebound. Communion is also available for those who are interested. If you or someone you know would like to request a visitation, please e-mail our pastoral care team at

Provide Information to Other Helpful Organizations

Occasionally unexpected needs arise for our members such as transportation, assistance with arranging and accompanying a member to a Handi-Van Assessment appointment, scheduling and participating in the screening process to receive meal deliveries, and countless other important life events. If we are not able to provide direct assistance, we will reach out to other organizations who may be able to assist.

Memorials and Funerals
At the end of ones journey we are able to provide complete memorial services. To learn more
about Memorial services please click here.