To share our gifts

“You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion …” 2 Corinthians 9:11

Central Union Church is a gift from God to all who walk on our grounds and enter our doors. God has richly blessed us and has shown us time and time again that we can be generous in thanksgiving for His love. By pledging generously to support Central Union Church, we share the gifts God has bestowed upon us to serve all people through worship, outreach, spiritual formation and care.

What is stewardship? Stewardship is a spiritual commitment by giving of our time, talent and treasure. It is based on our belief that we give because we first received. All that we have comes from God and for this we thank God in many ways. Stewardship goes beyond a pledge of financial support – it is a way of life for Christians that is at the center of their relationship with God. The scriptures are filled with teachings about the importance of giving and doing so out of a spirit of generosity rather than mere duty. Churches use the term “stewardship campaign” to describe the annual effort to collect pledges of financial support from the congregation to support the operating budget for the coming year. Pledging gives us a chance to assess our priorities in a planned and thoughtful way rather than randomly giving what is “left over” after we have paid for other expenses. In this way, we are intentionally giving from the “first fruits” of our annual harvests and not just from the gleanings.

Pledge of Faith Participation: When people give to the church, they are not just giving to an individual congregation. They are giving to God, because they experience the congregation as a place where God’s work is being done. Pledging is not a requirement for membership at Central Union. There are no membership dues for joining. We do fervently urge you, however, to pledge something — during the pledge “season” in the fall or at any time of the church year — regardless of the amount. Each pledge is a treasure and your participation is joyous.

When does the pledge campaign take place? The stewardship campaign -or more specifically, the pledge campaign — typically lasts eight weeks during the fall months. However, Church members can make a pledge at any time during the year.

How do I pledge? You need to fill out a pledge card, either electronically or in print. Cards are mailed to members of the congregation in October and are also available at the back of the church or on the website all year long. Just fill out a card and return it to the church or put the card in the collection plate on Sunday.