2017 Sermons

Look Again – December 31, 2017

The Journey of the Wise Men – December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve Meditation – December 24, 2017

Christmas Day Meditation – December 25, 2017

The journey of the shepherds – December 17, 2017

The Journey: Jesus – December 10, 2017

The Journey: Mary & Joseph – December 3, 2017

Celebrating through Thanksgiving! – November 26, 2017

Celebrating Our Motto: Love Never Faileth – November 19, 2017

Celebrating 130 Years of Ministry – November 12, 2017

Celebrating the Saints

Transforming others through Embodying Christ

Strategic Partnering to Impact More Lives

Sharing Our Bounty

Thrive Together: Serving the Least

Timothy – Feeling Discounted

Esther – Embracing Self

David – Bucking the Norm

Israel – We’re Inconsequential

Joseph- I’m forgotten

Come, walk to me…

Come and have breakfast…

Cast out your nets…

Take up your cross…

Take My Yoke!

Follow Me!

Embracing the Authentic Self of the Other

The Gift of Forgiveness

The Mentoring of Faith

The Joyous Marriage

The Gift of Conflict

The Art of Communication

Change the World!

Power of Community!

Awakening to God!

Resurrection Possibilities

Aloha (LOVE)

Mālama (CARE)

Kaulike (JUSTICE)




The Fuel of Embodiment

The Fuel for Authenticity

The Fuel of Kyrie

The Fuel of Abundance

A Fuel Named Meekness

Fuel for the Journey

The Fuel named Powerlessness