Kenneth O. and Doris A. Rewick Educational Aid History


As the need became apparent for increased scholarship assistance beyond the amount provided by the Scudder Fund, a Women’s League Scholarship Fund was established in 1968, later renamed the Educational Aid Fund of the Women’s League.  Funded by allotments from the Women’s League budget and supplemented by individual gifts, the income from this fund was used to award several small scholarship grants each year.

At the time of Dr. Kenneth O. Rewick’s death in 1974 (Senior Minister of Central Union Church from 1970-1974), many donations were made to the church in his memory.  His family felt that the most appropriate way to honor him would be through financial assistance for young people seeking higher education.  These gifts were joined with the Women’s League fund and it was renamed the Kenneth O. Rewick Educational Aid Fund.  In keeping with the ecumenical perspective of Dr. Rewick, new criteria were developed to assure that the funds would be available to young people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds.  On May 31, 2011 the scholarship name was amended to include Doris in respect to her May 30, 2011 passing.

The grants are to be rewarded by the Scholarship Committee of the Women’s League in amounts and to the number of young people as seem appropriate at any given year.  With this ever increasing need, the fund income is supplemented by money from the Women’s League budget.